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Profile: Shannon Luminous Materials, Inc. is a manufacturer of fluorescent colors, phosphorescent products, and black lights. Our product line includes lacquer, aerosol spray cans, water base acrylic paint, varnish coatings, pigments, invisible dyes, invisible inks, adhesive additives and fluorescent metal marking ink. Our Gloss Hi-Brite is a transparent brilliantly fluorescent lacquer paint which dries rapidly to a glossy finish. It is designed to dry tack free in about 5 minutes. The Gloss Hi-Brite is used for painting stage props, costume materials, fish lures, banners, toys, artwork, and murals. This product is also available in packaged pints and gallons. Our phosphorescent materials are used in jewelry, art, novelties, greeting cards, fabrics, and in industrial applications. The coatings are available in different bases such as air drying & oven drying lacquers, heat curing vinyl plastisol for fabrics, water b...More>>



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